2019 Workout Standards Videos:

Join Brazen Athletics for their annual BRAZEN CUP, a same-sex partner competition, on Sunday, September 15!

RX | Scaled | Masters divisions (40+, weights updated below)

Details for the event on Sunday:

We are excited to be hosting our 5th Annual Brazen Cup Event!  Thank you guys for being a part of it. 2019 is our biggest yet with a sold out roster and TONS of sponsors!

This year comes with bigger and better swag bags and podium prizes! As always athletes and judges will be provided breakfast from the Original Pancake House of Caldwell and coffee from Starbucks.  JFZ Photography will once again be our onsite photographer, you will be able to purchase your photos from his website. 

The event is FREE for spectators! Please use the hashtag #2019brazencup so we can all see your photos!

All events will take place outside.  Athletes can use the inside of the gym to warm up.  There is no weight allowed in the VO2 Vault.  ATHLETES CAN ONLY USE EQUIPMENT INSIDE THE GYM TO WARM UPPlease do not use equipment outside that is set up for the event.  

There are portable restrooms set up outside for everyone to use.  Bathrooms inside are OFF LIMITS.  


7:45 - 8:30 - Athlete/judge check in

8:30 - 9:00 - Movement standards

9:00 - 9:20 - Judges meeting with Jeff

9:25 - Singing of National Anthem by Kristin Roney

9:30 - WOD 1 Heat 1

The warehouse complex has plenty of parking, you might just need to walk a bit. DO NOT PARK IN ANY CONED OFF SPACES AS THEY ARE RESERVED FOR THE NEIGHBORING BUSINESSES. There will be parking spaces directly across from the gym that will be blocked off with cones that will be used for “tent village”  If you have a tent you want to set up, please let us know and we will move the cones so you can set up.  

The Original Pancake House of Caldwell and Starbucks of Caldwell is providing breakfast and coffee to all athletes, judges and volunteers ONLY.

Competition Workout Details:

WOD 1 + 2

10 min cap

RX + Masters

100/75 cal Bike

75/50 cal Row


75/50 cal Bike

50/25 cal Row

*Wod 1 score is your bike time, Wod 2 score is your total time. Bike and Row are Concept 2 Ergs.

WOD 3 + 4

12 mins

Min 0-6 (wod 2 score)

Infinity Ladder

1 Full Clean

1 Front squat

2 Full Clean

2 Front squat

3 Full Clean

3 Front squat



RX #135/95 - Scaled #95/65 - Masters #125/85

*Partners can split up reps any way they want.

Min 6-12 (wod 3 score)

Find 1 rep Max

1 Clean + 2 Jerks

*Clean can be full or power, any method of shoulder to over head is OK. Barbells must be taken from ground.


8 min cap

30 Thruster #95/65 - #65/45

30 Bench Press #95/65 - #65/45

20 Thruster #115/75 - #75/55

20 Bench Press #115/75 -  #75/55

10 Thruster #135/95 - #95/65

10 Bench Press #135/95 - #95/65

Masters #85/55 - #105/65 - #125/85

*Athletes are responsible for adding their own weight. The bar cannot touch the ground at any time and you cannot sit on the bench and rest the barbell on your lap when changing weight.  :10s penalty if bar hits ground.