Just get started!

Our workouts are high intensity, but low impact, making them a safe option for your joints and a great option for those with injuries. Along with work on the ski, bike and row, we incorporate functional movements and interval training. Workouts are for all levels and there is no experience necessary.

  • VO2 Endure: This class is just work on the Ski, Bike and Row Ergs.  Learn how to keep pace through intervals of various lengths and rest time.  Improve your cardiovascular endurance safely and with no impact on your joints. This full body workout is the heart of the VO2 Vault experience!

  • VO2 Burn: Perform work on the Ski, Bike and Row Ergs combined with light weight, functional, full-body movements in HIIT style.  Your coach will guide you on proper form and all movements can be modified to your specific needs or ability. Get ready to feel the BURN!

  • Abs and Ergs: We get your heart rate up on the Ski, Bike and Row Ergs and then mix in some intense core work. We will change up the movements each class to make sure that midsection gets all the attention!

  • Bi-s Tri-s and Ergs: This class combines heavy breathing on the Ski, Bike and Row Ergs while targeting your arms with various light weight and bodyweight upper body movements. Perfect for a highly efficient body blast.

  • Glutes, Hammies and Ergs: Don’t skip leg day! This classes mixes in light weight and bodyweight lower body movements along with intervals on the Ski, Bike and Row. The leg burn feels so good!


10 pack of classes w/3 month expiration $99

5 pack of classes w/2 month expiration $59

Drop in class w/1 month expiration $15



6:00pm - Vo2 Burn


4:00pm - VO2 Endure


5:30am - Ergs and Abs

5:00 pm - Ergs and Abs


9:30am - Bi’s, Tri’s and Ergs

4:00 pm - Bi’s, Tri’s and Ergs

7:00pm - Bi’s, Tri’s and Ergs


4:00pm - VO2 Endure


9:30am - Glutes, Hammies and Ergs


9:30am - VO2 Burn