So thankful to have found Brazen. I never looked forward to working out until joining and I never thought CrossFit would be for me. The coaches are amazing and have helped me so much. It’s more than a gym and has not only changed my body, but my life!
— Francesca Cangeloso

Photography throughout by JFZ Photography


Brazen Athletics progresses you as an athlete and as a human being.

We are in the business of changing lives and creating a life-long habit of achievement. We have evolved CrossFit-style training by incorporating our own principles surrounding exercise, intensity and mindset. Our programming is all inclusive and accessible to everyone, from elite athletes to first-time CrossFitters. There’s no better way to “get good” at CrossFit than just getting started, learning technique and moving lighter loads well.

No matter your fitness level, you will get stronger and you will progress as an athlete. Our programming prepares you for WHATEVER you want to do, a marathon, a triathlon, or a CrossFit competition. You will get stronger, faster and better at life.