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Sunday 9/28/14


Sunday 9/28/14


Join us for a Wine WOD with Susan Pajak October 11th!


Interested in learning more about wine? Love the complexity, competition, and skill set of crossfit? What would happen if these two entities were combined into one amazing afternoon filled with learning, fun, and a whole lot of community love…..

Brazen Athletics will be hosting it’s fist “Wine WOD” on October 11, 2014 from 3 pm to 5pm. Check out the programing for this special afternoon full of flavors, creativity, and all around good things;

The first 40 people to sign up will be assigned to 4 groups of 10 people.

Your team will be responsible for cycling through the four components of analyzing a wine;



                  Taste/Palate Calibration

                  Conclusion/Your Opinion and how you get to it!

You will not be alone! Susan Pajak and her team will be hosting you through your tasting experience!

At the end of the cycle, your team will be responsible for “presenting” a small facilitation (5 minutes) on your favorite wine tasted. You can use anything you find in the gym. (Snatching 200 pounds after sipping a few wines not recommended)

Top team wins a bottle of wine for each member!

You can choose not to be part of a team, and enjoy watching your fellow Brazen members compete! Be part of the judging process! You still get to taste along, and learn with all the other teams. Please specify when signing up which part of this process you would like to be in; team member or audience member.

Wine WOD price is $40 a individual.

Special discounts at local wine shops will be available!

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