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I started CrossFit in June of 2012. The former college athlete in me was excited to learn that I could continue to be an “adult athlete,” long after my days of organized team sports were over. I had missed the team camaraderie, the competition, and mostly, the guidance on how to train and what do at the gym every day (leg day? chest day? do I really have to get on an elliptical?).

About a year after starting CrossFit, I tore my ACL while doing box jumps. I was never injured before, so I was devastated. I was months away from starting graduate school for physical therapy, so I made light of the situation and turned it into a learning experience. I quickly learned I was doing many movements with horrible form, so an injury was inevitable.

In the midst of rehabbing my ACL, moving from NY to NJ, and starting Physical Therapy school, I found Brazen. Their athletes were SO PASSIONATE about their community. Their coaches cared about FORM and GETTING EVERYONE BETTER AT LIFE. It was contagious. I have been coaching at CrossFit Willow since May of 2013. What I learned from working with so many different athletes, and what I preached every day in class, paralleled what I was learning in PT school. I always say that PT school was something I did on the side, while I was busy growing up at Brazen. I found my happy place. I found my best friends. I found confidence. I found myself. I know the other coaches, and many members could say the same.

I finished my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in May of 2016 and am currently working full time as a Physical Therapist at a private practice in Edgewater. I pride myself in being the coach that is extra annoying when it comes to correcting your form or making you do “silly” auxiliary work and stretches. CrossFit gets a bad rap for being “dangerous” (especially in the PT world *cue rolling eye emoji*), but I refuse to let anyone get hurt the way I did- with lack of guidance and knowledge about form. I LOVE to educate members on the human body and its full potential when we do things correctly.