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Throughout my life I have always been active. I played organized sports such as football, basketball and lacrosse, and I was always involved in pick up games with the local kids in the neighborhood. I never sat still, and to this day I still don’t. Today if I am bored, I go out and run a 5k just for fun.

In my early 20s I ended up gaining a lot of weight. Mentally and physically I was unhappy, I knew I had to change something. I started to incorporate more weight training into my workout and I noticed that I started to feel better physically although the mental part was still lacking. Then I found CrossFit…I walked into Brazen for a trial workout and I was hooked. It brought me back to my younger days of playing on a sports team. I also noticed something else, I was not only getting physically stronger, I was getting mentally stronger. I was able to change the way I thought, push past the suck and overcome obstacles, in the gym and in life.

Brazen has given me the opportunity to help others get stronger both physically and mentally in the gym and in life