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CrossFit is more than just training for me, it is more than fitness. Over the last few years this sport has changed my outlook on life. Growing up playing basketball and lacrosse I always worried about failure or falling short. I never made the varsity basketball team because I was too afraid to tryout and I quit the varsity lacrosse team halfway through the season because I was tired of working hard.

To say I didn’t grow up as an athlete would be misleading but I certainly was never someone who stepped up in the big moments or who loved competition. I certainly didn’t love the grind that was required to get better. CrossFit has changed all that, Brazen Athletics has changed all that. My fear of competition has eroded. I look forward to training every day and I can’t wait to get in the gym and conquer my demons. I have learned to love the process, learned to value the journey- all because of the lessons I’ve learned at Brazen.

As a coach, I work daily to help athletes of varying skill levels and experience to learn what fitness means to them. I can’t define it for you nor should you want me to. You must find out for yourself. What I can do, what I love to do, is to help individuals look inside themselves for what motivates them the most. Once we discover that “truth” I can show you how to connect with it both inside and outside of Brazen and use it as a catalyst to get better each and every day.

Remember, one’s strength isn’t determined by their ability to dodge adversity, it’s determined by how they handle facing it head on. At Brazen I’ve learned to struggle and as a result I’ve learned how to prosper. Pushing yourself beyond your perceived limits is the only way to foster a mindset of growth, let us help you start pushing.