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Some things you only find out in the struggle. That statement can basically sum up my relationship with CrossFit for the past few years. As a person who had to fight for every movement I’ve ever learned in this sport, I can appreciate each person’s struggle with their physical and mental obstacles. What I’ve learned on this journey is that obstacles have their purpose- they allow ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

Prior to CrossFit, I spent my life searching in books for clarity, happiness and how to manifest a more positive state of mind. At the time, I had not invested any time into my physical fitness because I was never an athlete and did not realize how my physical body could affect my mentality. I had it all wrong.

The true path to individual greatness must begin by respecting your body enough to make it strong and capable. Build your foundation, work through adversities, allow for much blood, sweat, and tears (literally) and what you will find on the other side is the person you always knew you could be. This is what I’ve learned about myself at Brazen Athletics. I have overcome paralyzing fears that had kept me from reaching my true potential as a human being. I have surpassed my own expectations physically, and the desire to progress even further still burns inside of me.

This is what I found out in my struggle. What will you find out in yours…