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Sherrie Paugh


Sherrie Paugh

I was looking for a gym that I could feel comfortable at. I am in my 50s and most gyms made me feel out of place with the mirrors and equipment that make you feel like you need a degree in order to figure it out. A couple of girls at work knew I was looking and they suggested that I try CrossFit. They knew a gym opening up and so I signed up for the essentials class to give it a try. When I got to Brazen and I met the owners I thought, “Here we go again”. Jason was this huge man with muscles on top of muscles and Kristy was this beautiful fit blonde. Yet, I looked around at the class and there were people of all shapes, sizes and ages, so, I stuck it out and I’m glad that I have.

Not only were the coaches good at getting me to do things I never heard of before, but they made it fun and made me laugh when it didn’t go as planned. They never considered my shape, size or age as a reason I couldn’t do something that anyone else in CrossFit was doing. Every class and coach always has something new to share to help us understand and improve the movements and exercises. They always have a positive attitude about CrossFit and its benefits to everyone that walks through the door.

As an added bonus, as you age you get to start taking all these wonder tests that let you know you are getting old. One of them is a bone density test. A number of family members have had hip replacements and I have a younger sister with a degenerative bone disease. My doctor thought it would be a good idea to get a base line to see where I was. Low and behold, I had the beginning of some bone deterioration. He asked me to come back in one year to retake the test and possibly put me on medication to slow the progress down if it had gotten worse. I wanted to avoid medication and I had also promised myself a long time ago I was not going to be a weak and fragile old lady. I had started CrossFit shortly after the first test. A year later, to my surprise, the retest report read: “The Comparison to Prior Study: Bone density increased significantly by 7.7% in the total PA Spine. The bone density in the total left hip is stable. The patient should follow a healthy lifestyle including good nutrition with adequate calcium and vitamin D intake and regular weight-bearing exercise. No need for follow up for at least 3 yrs. End of report.“

CrossFit builds strong bones!


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