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Monday 6/26/17


Monday 6/26/17

5 Rounds
Every 2:00
5 Back Squats
6 Stone Over Shoulder
100 Pushups (5 min cap)
2 min rest
5 Rounds
Every 2:00
3 Backsquats
6 Stone Over Shoulder


















6 Rounds

Every 2:30

15 Standing Lat Pull Downs

10 SDHP #115/75




8 Rounds

Every 1:30

10 Bent Over Rows

5 Strict Press #115/75


**Lat pulls downs are slow and in control!







5 Bench (40/50% of heaviest and build)

15 KBS

20 Situps




Every 1:30 (9 Rounds or more if you have time)

Build to 1 RM Bench


**AMRAP is also their bench warm up.  They will start light for the 5 and build each set as long as they can remain unbroken on the 5 reps.  Then build to a 1RM every 1:30. For 9 Rounds the last set is 13:30.  You can go longer if you have time in class.  


Review in detail spotting!  Especially about not grabbing the bar unless the athlete is actually failing!  Slowing down is not a cue to grab the bar.  Dont piss your athlete off! 😉 They need to be able to attempt to fight through the rep.  






Endurance Day!


Teams of 2 complete

2k row

2k ski

One person working at a time


Individuals complete

Hoboken – Viaduct Run

Fairfield – 1 mile run


No set rest between components, but tell them to keep it brief.  Start athletes on different components as you need to.  Brief warm up and not much explanation needed so start as soon as possible to give them enough time to complete.










Repeat 3 Times:

Every 2:30


12 pullups

3 Clean and Jerk


12 pullups

2 Clean and Jerk


12 pullups

1 Clean and Jerk



**same format as Monday as far as building.  MUST be done in 1:45!  If not SCALE! Take more bands, lower the weight, whatever you need to do.  Can be power or full.  Starting weight about 50/60% of heaviest
















24 MIN

Teams of 3

100m Front Rack DBall carry



10 Deadlifts #315/225

10 synchronized burpees


**Partner 1 does Dball carry, partner 2 and 3 begin amrap.  When partner 1 is back in door, partner 2 does Dball carry and partner 1 and 3 pick up on the amrap where they left off.  DBall carry is the timekeeper

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