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Monday 2/9/15


Monday 2/9/15

Amazing weekend for our Masters competitors!  You continue to impress us!  Thank you for inspiring!  And thank to everyone who came up to support!

Mikey Carus – 3rd Place

Jenn Gargiulo – 4th Place

Carolyn Demiro – 5th place

Christine D’Angelo – 14th

Sheri Jameson – 5th

Mike Krumper – 16th

Chris Venezia – 6th

Andy Quinn – 8th

Colleen Frank – 11th

Liz Russell – 8th

Jen Guiliano – 12th

Rob Masella – 12th

Mark Tort – 17th

Mark Farro – 8th

Congrats to Difran for finishing 2nd in his partner competition Saturday!  



2 Front Squats

8 Burpees

20 1-Arm KBS 24/16kg

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