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Lori Dunn


Lori Dunn

Testimonials usually have something to do with transforming your body but… Kristy and Jay take it far beyond that. They have created a community that cultivates strength, success, and SO much love – inside and outside of the gym. What we do inside of the gym translates to what we do outside of the gym. The Brazen family is transparent and real and they practice what they preach. I have never been part of such a loving, nurturing society.

That being said, I felt I was already in “great shape” when I showed up to Brazen. My boyfriend and I had moved here from Colorado and we both had been cross-fitting for a couple years. We were eager to find our new home box and when we showed up to our first class at Brazen, we were brought into the fold with open (sweaty) arms and so much LOVE.

What I didn’t realize was I had plateaued as an athlete. The first month after moving, I had a series of health related setbacks (mysterious auto-immune flare-ups) that took everything out of me and left me feeling broken. In that month I felt I lost everything I had worked so hard for and my spirits were crushed. Although I was new to the Brazen community, the coaches loved me back to life. One of my first days, I was on the verge of tears and quietly told Kristy that I was on meds and not feeling well. She intuitively knew what to do and how to get me back on track, which involved taking some serious steps back. 9 months later, I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and doing things I never thought possible. The strength program is methodical and intentional. You WILL get stronger and better at everything you do. This is an aspect I could not have appreciated or truly understood prior to having done CrossFit for a while. When the coaches ask you to do something silly and say “THIS will get you better,” trust them.

Quick shout out to all the coaches – they are SICK athletes. How inspiring?!?! They give their athletes every ounce of themselves and I would have not progressed to where I am without that unconditional support.

For me, what sets Brazen apart is the coaching, the programming, and the community. I’ve changed as an athlete and I’ve changed as a person. Kristy and Jay encourage us to approach the bar the way we want to approach life. I’m not interested in living a mediocre life and training with Brazen ensures I won’t ever have to.

I want to end with a recent experience that still gives me goosebumps. A month ago, I went back to Colorado for a work trip and I had several people stop me and tell me I was different.. I was happier.. more confident.. (my traps and ass are huge too but no one touched on that topic). I was floored. Because it’s true. That’s what Brazen Athletics is all about.

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