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Live in The Moment


Live in The Moment

By Jason Schroeder
One of the most difficult tasks that I’ve ever had to embrace is learning how to “slow down and enjoy the process.”
I salivate over the fruits of my labor.
The towering peak of a mountain is the only place that I would ever want to “go for a hike.”
My lack of patience for the 40 minute chocolate soufflé
that would never be ordered.
I would perseverate for hours over the idea that I would be the busiest personal trainer anyone ever met. When I started my journey, I was never able to divulge that I only had two clients because I didn’t want anyone to know that I wasn’t that busy. What if I told someone I had one client and their lack of interest waned because they would think that I wasn’t good at what I did?
As you read through the stanzas of my life-I’m sure you’re asking yourself what do these things have to do with enjoying the process?
They are glorious examples of how I’ve missed opportunities to find joy in the process.
Life is not an accumulation of things, rather, the accumulation of moments – this has made all the difference- It’s all we really have in the end, the memories of beautiful moments that we recognize and enjoy.
These are examples of how I started living in the moment:
  1. A few years back I started saying to myself “thank you” as soon as my eyes opened in the morning. Dark thoughts run RAMPANT through my brain in the morning- I have such a tremendous amount of responsibility that it overwhelms me at various times. So, instead of letting those thoughts control me – I practiced becoming grateful as soon as I open my eyes – because that is the only thing that I can be thankful for- at that very moment – and realizing that the most important thing is….that I woke up today.
  2. I started using a higher level of vocabulary and speaking with improved clarity- it is very much like playing “word of the day”-with your friends-choosing an extraordinary word to use for the day -so that it becomes a part of your practice-it encourages conversation between people- intelligent conversation and slows life down just a little bit.
  3. Time is the most precious variable on earth (from my perspective)- I began reserving said “time” for conversations and interactions with people that placed a high value on their self worth. I recognized that humans – when they think “highly” of themselves tend to place value in others as well. I grew up in a tumultuous family (psychological abuse not physical)- many of the adults in my life played victim to circumstances they created. I truly enjoy observing humans from a distance – and I don’t stand too close to people that complain about their life.
  4. Last but not least – 3 years ago I started smoking and ingesting cannibus-I realize that some of you might have some distorted views of what a daily marijuana user looks like-but if you’d like to intelligently debate the topic or you would like to discuss medicating with CBD and or THC – I would thoroughly enjoy the conversation. It has with 100% certainty, changed my life. It has reduced the inflammation in my body and has had a tremendous impact on my mental health. It cultivates my creativity and allows me to be introspective rather than ruminate.
I hope that you read this and slow down in some aspects of your life so that you may move with lightning speed while standing still.


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