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Let The Little Waves Crash


Let The Little Waves Crash

By Jon Bevacqua

2018 is upon us and with it come new goals, new challenges, and new ambitions; and also new disappointments, regrets, and fears.


In honor of everything that can and should be, we step into the last few weeks and days leading up to the New Year with a reflective gaze, building up excitement for what this fresh year may bring. We wholeheartedly embrace our potential, curate a list of personal expectations for change, and swear to see it through for 365 days.


Some of us meet our decisions head-on, accomplishing our goals with perseverance and acceptance. But it’s safe to say that the majority of us lose sight of what glittered before us on New Year’s Eve.


A good majority of us, with each New Year, cave under the pressure and allow petty excuses and weak distractions help us tarnish our own potential.


At the end of the year, when we look forward to what lies ahead and glance back at what was done, can we say with pride that we accomplished our previous resolutions? Or must we admit that our failing began within the first week, with us inevitably falling out of sync with our goals before abandoning them entirely? Can we say that we at least stuck with it for six months before giving up? Are we one of the lucky few who can say we completed the year as planned?


If you struggle with meeting your New Year’s resolutions, there’s a reason for that and it’s called DISTRACTIONS, or as I like to call them, little waves.




How do you know if something is acting as a distraction in your life? Simple. Just ask yourself this:




If something doesn’t help you reach your goals (be it a job or a friend, a piece of food or a tendency toward laziness), then there’s zero need for you to tolerate its presence in your life.


Distractions keep you from growing towards your goals by pulling you away from them with excuses that justify your poor choices. Whether you want to run a marathon or eat healthier, the excuses you tell yourself to humor the distractions that pull you away from accomplishment are what make it so you don’t reach that goal.


“It’s just too hard…”

“There’s always next year…”

“I don’t have enough time…”

“I’m injured and can’t do it…”

“I’m just not good enough…”


Distractions will come at you in all shapes, sizes and forms; the world we live in today ensures it with an endless onslaught of technology and media.


But will the little things that you choose to worry about now be important one year from now? How about six months from now? Heck, how about next week?


In our fast-paced world, we need to learn to let the little things go. We need to learn to be as the ocean: calm and centered deep within its core where its heart rests peacefully, never bothered by the little waves crashing above.


Your soul is vast and deep, and it is not bothered by the comings and goings of daily distractions. Don’t let the little things in life keep you from obtaining your truly desirable accomplishments.


This year, don’t get caught in the waves on the surface, wasting your life away and wishing the successes of others were your own, but never actually doing anything to achieve them. Though the world is filled with the sound of crashing little waves, keep your eyes and ears shut to that commotion and focus on your path.



To defeat the waves of distraction that will inevitably ebb and flow within your life and to accomplish your New Year’s resolutions once and for all, you need to be on a path that your heart truly wants to follow.


Whether that’s becoming a better person or athlete, spouse or coach, regardless of your current position or where you want to end up in life, you need to make sure the goals you choose are ones that actually matter to you.


Ask yourself…


Who am I and where do I want to be?

Is your vision aligned with whom you want to be and are your goals created in a way that accommodate who you are today? Resolutions that do not align with who we are at our core rarely see success in the New Year.


What will it take to get me there?

Do you have a reasonable perspective on how you want to accomplish your goals? Rome was not built in a day; your goals won’t be reached that quickly either. Have a realistic perspective on how to accomplish your goals and success will be that much more feasible.


Am I strong enough to hold myself accountable?

Most important of all, are you able to call yourself out on your excuses? When distractions seep in, and they will, you and you alone will be responsible for following through. Are you strong enough?


At the end of the day, the decision to stick to your resolutions or fall out of sync is a simple one: you either buy into your distractions or you don’t.


If you want to accomplish your resolutions in 2018, all you need do is DECIDE and COMMIT to LET THE LITTLE WAVES CRASH.


It’s a simple choice, but a powerful one. Life is too short and too fast to allow distraction to stunt our growth. Life does not slow down for us, it will not give us a break and it will not surrender or conform to our lives. It moves at a relentless pace and shows no mercy.


To live successfully at the speed of life, you must take ownership of your problems, accept accountability for your faults, take control over your regrets, and move in a direction to fix those areas in your life. 


If you want to achieve your goals in 2018, you need to defeat your distractions by accepting the path you want to be on and following it to the end.


No more excuses.

No more distractions.

Just let the little waves crash.

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