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Barbara Gregory


Barbara Gregory

I have worked out at various gyms for as long as I can remember! My daughters convinced me to try Brazen and take the essentials class. I reluctantly signed up for the two weeks class and fell in love with not only the workouts but with Brazen itself. Once I completed essentials and started taking classes, I was extremely self conscience and nervous. But these feeling dissipated quickly when I saw how welcoming and encouraging everyone was.

It didn’t take long to start seeing a difference in how I was working out and the changes in my strength and endurance! There’s no way you can lift the wrong way. The coaches are fabulous, extremely helpful and are constantly watching and correcting if you’re not lifting the proper way.

Joining Brazen was one of the best decisions I have ever made!! Thanks to all the wonderful coaches who make working out not only fun but beneficial to the mind and body.

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