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12 Minutes OTM

2 Back Squats

3 Min Rest

10 minute AMRAP

Ascending Ladder (1,1,2,2,…)

Back Rack Box Step Ups # 75/55  – 20”

Lateral OTB Burpees


Congrats to all the Mommies who kicked ass today in the Battle of the Milfs at CrossFit Steam!  You guys are inspiring to us all! All of our ladies had a top 20 finish with Meredith making the podium in 2nd!

Meredith Otterbein – 2nd Place scaled

Jen Piwowarski – 5th Place scaled

Anna Ricciardi – 14th Place scaled

Jen Guilliano – 6th Place RX

Christine D’Angelo – 17th Place scaled

Sheri Jameson –  6th Scaled

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